Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun - Even if a thousand years pass
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Even if thousand years pass, 
Even if we shall part, 
Even if you shall leave far away and 
we can’t see each other.

I’m okay. 
For the day we’ll meet again. 
For the day we’ll meet again. 
For that happy day will come. 
I’ll run to you.

My love. 
My only love.


A 5 years old kid trapped in a 28 years old body.

Kyu Jong is the light that only belongs to me

how old is he again? ㅋㅋ


Youngsaeng's reaction when he was asked to gwiyeomi 


Kim Kyu Jong at Jeonju

Mun: I saved your face… three times!





One just wasn’t enough was it….

[ooc] It has to be unforgettable come on. You’re never going to make that face like…again…rarely. It’s great! Your voice was so high. It was hilarious. I play it over and over again.

…..okay…’re officially crazy.


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Im not sure but this shd be the original article:

On the13th, channel JTBC’s Verbal Battle, there was a heated…

Innocent Kyu

Kyu Jong @ HJB - He, His Story

What does the fox say?

                                “Until now, It’s still SS501!!”